Viviana & Gil: Buffalo Botanical Gardens Engagement

I met Viviana and Gil for their engagement photos at the Buffalo Botanical Gardens. In typical Buffalo fashion, it was an overcast day, and it had me a little worried that it might rain. But, it was even better than I imagined because we got to shoot indoors, surrounded by hundreds of varieties of plants and flowers, with domes of lovely diffused light pouring in.

Viv and Gil brought Slim, their Boston Terrier. For the record: animals are not permitted inside the Botanical Gardens. We didn’t know this, but they kindly staged a small area for us to shoot in and we are so grateful for that. I really really love when dogs are part of a photo session — especially when they’re wearing a bow tie!

Before we got started, Gil ran back to the car to get Slim’s squeaky toy. Viv was casually talking to her friend about how Gil had gone shopping the night before and he couldn’t decide what he wanted to wear. Some might laugh or poke fun at this, but I thought it was so. sweet. I knew right then that I wouldn’t have to give these two much direction — all I had to do was let them love each other.

Viv and Gil both grew up in New York City. The two met through mutual friends four years ago — Viv’s best friend and Gil’s cousin — and have been together ever since. They powered through a long distance relationship for two years — him in Buffalo and her back home in the city until she finally made the move to Buffalo, transferring schools and her job to be with him.

Gil proposed to Viv last year during a morning hike, which caught her completely by surprise.

“He was trying to talk to me, but I was listening to my iPhone.”

They plan to marry in Cancun next June.

Slim started getting sleepy towards the end… it’s tiring being so cute.

I absolutely loved the outfits and colors that Viv & Gil put together — neutrals with a pop of color, which stands out and draws your eyes in without being distracting. Viv, you look stunning in white. You will make the most beautiful bride.

“I never believed in soul mates until I met him. And that’s the truth.”