Two years down, two years to go

June 14 marked the beginning of our third year in Buffalo. I can’t believe the past two years have gone so quickly — it’s true what everyone said to us before we left: you’ll be back before you know it.

There are a lot of things that I/we really do love about living in Buffalo — like seeing a minimum of three people we know at Wegman’s or taking adventurous day trips to neighboring cities. Honestly, if my family were closer, I might even consider staying. But maybe I feel that way because I know that we won’t be staying, even if we wanted to.

Thank you to our new friends that have enriched our experiences here by inviting us to do awesome things like going camping, jumping in whirlpools, kayaking, sailing, and rock climbing — we don’t have much to offer you now, but you are all welcome to visit us in Arizona always. We will show you what dry heat feels like ;)

Two years down. Two years to go.

P.S., Here’s my letter to Buffalo on our first anniversary.