Two Months With Matilde

Happy two months, little love. These past four weeks have flown by. It’s true what they say: they grow up so fast.

This month you and I made our first solo outing together to the doctor’s office (in a rental mini van, no less) and you were an angel. Not one peep the whole time, and you even slept long enough to let me get Five Guys for lunch on the way home. We’ve also gone out quite a bit as a family to your favorite store, Target, and eaten at Chili’s a few times. It’s been nice getting out of the house, even though it is most definitely winter still.


We also had our last midwife appointment with Evette, so we brought you along to say hello & goodbye, then celebrated your first Chinese New Year by eating juicy soup dumplings at our favorite local joint.

You now know your days from your nights and have been sleeping much better at night (mama thanks you for this). Every morning I bring you into our bed for your last stretch of sleep before we start our day because you prefer to sleep on someone vs. in your bassinet once the sun comes up. While you sleep, I stare at you and take a gazillion pictures, then watch Netflix.

You no longer scream during baths. In fact, I think you’re starting to enjoy them. One thing’s for sure: you love being naked! After you’re done nursing, you throw your head back and your hands over your head, and I just imagine you shouting, “VICTORY!”


You’re starting to coo a lot more and I think your smiles are becoming more intentional. With every smile, I seem to forget that you were crying for an hour before. You’ve discovered your hand/thumb and try to put it in your mouth every chance you get.

Today we took your first ride in the stroller around the mall. I’m not sure what you thought of it, but your dad and I sure loved pushing you around.

You’ve grown quite a bit. I can’t wait to see your numbers at your two month check-up tomorrow.


We love you, Mattie girl!

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