Three Months With Matilde

It’s pretty amazing watching a child develop. It’s one thing to read about developmental milestones in books, but then to see it happen is so so cool. One day they can’t reach and grab something and the next day they can. Speaking of… this little one is wiggling all over the place, making it harder to photograph her without her arm in her face, her tongue sticking out, or drool escaping her mouth. This isn’t the outfit I had planned for her to wear for monthly photos, but you just have to take them when you have a happy baby.


You had your first checkup at two months with your pediatrician. I love taking you to daddy’s office because everyone there is like family and it’s always nice to see friends (i.e., adults). You weighed in at 11 pounds, 4 ounces, and measured 22.5 inches long. Your exam was perfect! No issues or concerns. During this visit you also got your first set of shots, which made your mama cry. But then I nursed you and you seemed to have forgotten all about it by the evening.

You had your first airplane flight and earned your wings on Southwest Airlines! The flight attendant Brian brought you a cute little certificate, your very own luggage tag, and your wings. At 9 weeks, you flew 4.5 hours to our home in Arizona. You slept about one hour on the plane and the other three hours you were entertained by daddy. We were pretty anxious about the whole thing, but you did so great.



We spent 10 days in Arizona doing stuff for our new house in Flagstaff, celebrating Gong Gong’s 60th birthday, and introducing you to all of our friends and family at your Red Egg & Ginger Party. You got to see your new house, but you mostly slept the entire time we were in Flagstaff — likely due to the elevation. I was a tiny bit worried, but you were fine, as usual.

We went on some walks so you could spend some time in the sun and soak up the rays since we haven’t been able to do that in Buffalo yet.

We took you in the spa (at normal body temperature, don’t worry) and you loved the water! I guess that means we should sign you up for some swim classes, or let Gong Gong teach you how to swim.

We are still cloth diapering and going strong! Honestly, I’m a little surprised we are still doing it, but after using disposable diapers on vacation, we couldn’t wait to get back to cloth. It’s easy and not as crazy as people make it out to be. Plus, you haven’t developed any rashes — tip: use coconut oil after each change, it smells good and helps avoid rashes. And your butt looks so cute in the big diapers.

You crossed the border for the first time for mommy’s birthday. We went to Canada to enjoy Aroma Espresso and do a little bit of baby shopping for you and your cousin Easton. We hope to be making more trips across the border to go climbing soon.

Yee Yee (Aunt) Daisy sent you a bunch of presents, like a new activity play gym, a musical piano, links, and of course some new reading material. You love the play mat. We call it your “office” and ask you if you want to go to work.

You’ve discovered your hands! You’ve still got cheeks. Cheeks for days.

You’re starting to smile a lot more and coo and talk to us a bunch, especially at your 4 a.m. feeds… when we want you to go back to sleep. But, even though we’re half asleep, it’s hard to get upset at your little face. You aren’t quite sleeping through the night just yet, but hopefully that time is around the corner. Until then, you can sleep on my chest for as long as you want.


P.S. One month and two months with Mattie.