Six Months With Matilde

Six months! Half of a year with this sweet baby already and it keeps getting better. I’m proud of myself for keeping up with these monthly photos considering that I gave up on the weekly milestone cards after about 19 weeks or so. I actually look forward to photographing her & writing these posts each month because the photos are milestone-appropriate (i.e., she’s rolling in this set) and it’s so cool to see the progression.


Okay, baby. Your sixth month of life fell on July 4th, thus the red, white & blue outfit. The most major, awesomest thing that happened this month was that we moved back home to Arizona! Daddy finished his four-year residency in Buffalo and will begin his new job here in Flagstaff next week.


Before we left, we spent lots of time visiting with all of our friends — from weekly lunches and walks, to bowling and dinners. We sold our beloved Mitsubishi Outlander and was without a vehicle for a week. That meant we had to walk everywhere, so we strolled up and down Elmwood because you love being outside.


We celebrated Daddy’s first Father’s Day by going to hippie church, meeting up with J2 at Spot for breakfast, cruising boxes of records at Sugar City, and finally, celebrating with a BBQ meal at the Nalewajek family get together. We gifted him some prints from your birth, some prints from a special mama-baby shoot from Miss Dawn, the Dada book by Jimmy Fallon, and custom printed guitar picks with your silhouette.


You went to your very first concert outside the womb down at Buffalo’s Canalside to see Spoon. You wore super cute baby headphones to protect your ears/hearing and I think you enjoyed it! We left after a few songs to avoid the crazy rush on the train.


If you couldn’t tell by the photos, you’re reaching for everything around you and putting everything in your mouth. We introduced solids to you a few weeks ago and so far your favorites are sweet potatoes and carrots. But you’ve also tried bananas, pears, apples, peas, peaches, and green beans. You tried prunes, but let’s say that it wasn’t your favorite.

You’re sitting up very well on your own now, and you also started to roll 360 degrees, front to back, back to front. Every time you do it, you get the biggest smile of accomplishment on your face. You also LOVE TO STAND. You always want to stand up and those leg muscles are very very strong. I wouldn’t be surprised if you skipped crawling and went straight to walking… but I’d prefer you didn’t so I can avoid chasing you around that early.


I know you’re still adjusting to our new surroundings, especially the elevation (we all are), but I think you’ll be happy here. We’re slowly starting to unpack things, but I’m so excited to give you your very own space & room.

Your smile still lights up our world. Love you, M.