Shots from Chicago

I like Chicago more and more with each time I visit. People are so much friendlier in the windy city than in Manhattan. Especially cab drivers.

This is what happens when you customize your camera settings so no one else knows how to use it.

Yes, we are at the bean.

The Second City shows were sold out (plan ahead, especially for Memorial Day weekend), so we tried a Second City walking tour instead.

Our tour guide, Margaret. Very animated, as you can see here. We liked her because she stopped in shady places to talk and be funny.

Not to bust anyone’s bubble, but the aquatics show at the Shedd was a total let down. You know, for 20-somethings like myself. Still, cool to see beluga whales and stay out of the 91-degree heat + humidity. Here’s a tip for you in case you go on a holiday weekend and find yourself waiting a minimum of four hours to buy tickets: ask someone about the “fast pass” or express entry. You pay around $8 more per head, but let me tell you it’s well worth three hours of your time.

As for where we ate during the trip — we got lots of amazing recommendations from friends; however, due to poor planning, the waits were too long to get in, so we resorted to the next best thing (aka asked our friend Yelp for help).

This surprisingly worked out well in our favor.

We dined at:

  • Pizzeria Due (love this deep dish pizza 110% more than Gino’s East; would suggest the Spinoccoli pizza)
  • Donna’s Cafe (awesome little eatery near Bongo Room with awesome owner and environment)
  • Hot Woks, Cool Sushi (got the sushi with the cilantro in it — I love cilantro)
  • Yolk (got huevos rancheros)
  • Navy Pier for funnel cake (my most favorite dessert in Chicago)

While we didn’t get to do the architecture boat tour this time, I sense that there will be other family getaways in our future.