Seven Months With Matilde

These monthly photos are becoming increasingly more difficult to take now that this seven-month-old is much more mobile! We’ve officially been in our home for a month now, and I think it’s safe to say we feel right at home. A lot of our stuff is still packed away in boxes (while we decide how to renovate/decorate each room), but I’m okay with that because the house is less cluttered that way.


Let’s see, this month we’ve spent lots of time with both sets of your grandparents down in Phoenix and at our house. We’ve been grilling a ton because, well, we have a grill and grilled food tastes so good. Plus, it’s 70-degrees out, so it really can’t get any better than that.


Daddy officially started his job as an attending — which he loves — and we’re getting used to our new schedule, which includes a day off in the middle of the week! We’ve dubbed that day as “Tilliday” and we do whatever Tilly wants. That usually consists of hanging out at home in the morning and having breakfast together, putting her down for a morning nap, then heading out to run errands for the day, grab a light snack, and hit the climbing gym.


We’ve been taking you to the park by our house and you love to swing! It brings the biggest smile to your face. We’ve tried four Thai restaurants in Flagstaff to see which one we like best — and at the most recent one, you got your hands into the chili powder and hot sauce jars, spilling them ALL over us. It scared me for a moment because I was afraid you’d rub your eyes or inhale it and that would’ve been disastrous, but luckily we got a wipe to your hands just in time. Side note: the tom kha soup is very good and spicy there (level 3).

Some new foods that you’ve tried and loved: pear zucchini corn, apple butternut squash, winter squash, sweet potatoes (again), pineapple pear avocado, and spinach, apple and kale teething cookies.


This month, you also learned how to pull yourself up into a standing position on your own! We suspect that you’ll likely skip crawling since you’d rather just roll around when you’re on your belly. We are training you early to start bouldering by putting you in a starting position that forces you to sit-stand and pull yourself up. Only a few days later and you’re moving back and forth along your activity seat (pretty much holding on for dear life).

Finally, we transitioned you into your own room and your own crib. This happened a bit by accident, but it’s working out surprisingly well, so we’re going with it! On nights 3 and 4, you’ve pretty much slept through the night with one night feeding. And waking up in the morning to go get you is the very best — you’re ALL smiles.


Oh baby friend, we love you so.

P.S. one, two, three, four, five, and six months with Matilde.