Ryan, Katie & Baby C – 6 Months

I received Ryan & Katie’s Christmas card in the mail yesterday, so I can officially share these photos from a recent lifestyle portrait session with Baby C. These photos were taken around her half-birthday in November. I love watching kids grow and seeing how much they change in such a short time.

Before we got started, Ryan mentioned that he wanted to get a few shots with the dog this time. In my head I thought he was talking about a stuffed animal or a toy that Baby C really liked. But no, he really meant the family dog, Samson. He is AWESOME. And Baby C loves him so much. BFFs.

He is also very well-behaved and powered by treats.

Always a treat to see how clients display your photos in their home. Yay for ordering prints and getting those digital images off the computer screen.

Then we headed outdoors to enjoy the weather and soak in the sun.

Warms my heart.