Photographers: 3 Reasons You Should Consider a Google+ Page

I’m still on the fence about using Google+ pages; however, with the recent announcement of Google+ pages for brands also came a specific feature related to search called “Google+ Direct Connect” that might come in handy for photographers in time.

Here are 3 reasons why you should consider claiming your Google+ page and enabling Direct Connect:

1. Make it easier for users to find you

The Direct Connect functionality makes it easier for people to find brands’ Google+ pages by increasing visibility in search results when custom operators, such as the “+” symbol are used.

For example, if you’re looking for Burberry’s Google+ page, all you have to do is type “+Burberry” in the Google search box and you’ll see this:

Once you click on the first result in the search box, it will take you immediately to Burberry’s Google+ page, bypassing the search results completely.

2. Increase engagement with users

Once you arrive at the brand’s page, it instantly invites the user to add the page to their circles:

3. Increase the amount of real estate for your brand on search results pages

If a brand has a Google+ page and it is connected with the Google+ Direct Connect feature, the G+ page will appear in the search results along with the website listing and site links. This gives you more control over the content that appears on the search results page when a user searches for your brand.

In addition, it shows the two most recent posts from the Google+ page, giving you another opportunity to showcase your most recent work. That means a prospective client will be able to view fresh content from the results page, instead of landing on an outdated portfolio site.

I personally always look for a photographer’s blog first, website second. And, if the website takes forever to load, the navigation is terrible, or it plays music? I leave. So, having access to new content makes a lot of sense to me.

Right now, only select pages have Google+ Direct Connect. To my knowledge, it’s not known when all (or more) pages will get Direct Connect; however, it doesn’t hurt to be proactive and get everything set up now.

In order to be eligible for Google+ Direct Connect, you must connect your website to your Google+ page by adding a Google+ badge to your page and a snippet of code to the header section. For more details, check out tips on becoming added to Direct Connect.

Tiff Photography on Google+

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