Orchard Park, NY: The Hilliard Family

She had me at “J.Crew”. Not kidding. The minute that Lourdes sent me a text message with a photo of the outfits she chose for her three beautiful girls, I was in loooooove. She chose the perfect color palette (hello spring!) and the perfect combo of solids/patterns and accessories to make each of the girls standout on their own without the colors being overwhelming. I told her I wanted the baby’s dress for myself.

Confession: I actually tried it on over the weekend at J.Crew (Crew Cuts Size 14!), but sadly it was a tiny bit tight up top, if you know what I mean.

I met the Hilliard family at Chestnut Ridge in Orchard Park, NY, where we ran around, blew bubbles, and did cartwheels. It was pretty much a perfect way to spend a Saturday afternoon.


Pictures of daddy and his girls always get me… I was definitely a daddy’s girl growing up.


Leila and Ilysa are no strangers to the camera. They often model new products and accessories for Girly Things, Lourdes’ company celebrating “the gift of being feminine”.


Such a beautiful mama.




Towards the end of the session, I pulled out my Fujifilm Instax Mini to snap a few polaroids for the girls as a fun little take-home. I asked Leila (age 7) if she knew what a Polaroid camera was. She said no, so I quickly explained that I was going to take a picture that would come out of my camera… and she would have to wait patiently for it to develop.

I took the shot and handed her the film. She waited. Her face slowly started to appear and she got SO excited that she ran to Ilysa (age 4) and told her “YOU HAVE TO TAKE ONE TOO!”

It’s crazy to think that I’m at that age where I am now saying, “Oh, we used to have CDs” and other random things like Polaroid film — and these kids have no clue what I’m talking about. It’s equally fun to blow their minds and be the super awesome person that showed them magic. Or something pretty close to it ;)

Thank you Lourdes, Ike, Leila, Ilysa & Juju for spending your afternoon with me. I had the most delightful time with you! Welcome to Buffalo, we hope you love it here.

PS, extra special thanks to my lovely assistant Erina who helped me make funny faces, blow bubbles, and carry lots of heavy stuff.