Orchard Park, NY: The Braun Family

I read a lot of photographer’s blogs. And it seems like every session we post begins with, “I had the best time . . .” So, I was trying to think of something different to say, or at least, say it in a different way — but I kept circling back to that same sentence.

I had the best time hanging out with the Brauns on Saturday morning/afternoon. Hailey, the darling little girl you see in these pictures, was the best baby. I think SHE had the best time hanging out with her parents Jake + Theresa at Green Lake in Orchard Park, NY, while we roamed around.

We started briefly at the house, where Hailey was all smiles and hamming it up for the camera from the minute I walked in the door. And she has every right to — look at her gorgeous blue eyes and beautiful hair. Those curls!

Less than 100 feet away is Green Lake — lucky for Hailey, I’m sure she’ll be spending many a days at this park while she grows up.

Like I said, all smiles.

Parent/Baby moments melt my heart. And I don’t even have one of my own. But I just can tell how much Hailey is loved.

And this thing she does with her hands? Adorable.

Daddy/Baby moment.

I love love.