One Month with Matilde

I can’t believe I’m already writing about Matilde’s first month of life; I haven’t even finished her birth story (it’s half done) or officially announced that she has arrived. But, you know this already if you follow me on Instagram. I’ve been sharing photos here and there since it’s a lot easier to manage when you’re sleep deprived and sitting in a chair feeding your babe 80% of the day!

Between navigating new motherhood, adjusting our sleep schedules, learning to nurse, trying to “take it easy” to recover from labor & delivery, and getting to know our little lady, the first couple weeks were tough. There were definitely tears (lots of them) and a couple of meltdowns (thank you hormones), but we’re slowly getting the hang of things. Many thanks goes to the extra support of family & friends we’ve had taking care of the cooking, bringing us meals, cleaning, laundry, and everything else in the household so that we could focus on M and get as much rest as possible.


So happy one month to you, Mattie Mei. You’ve already changed so much since we brought you home, gaining good weight and growing out of your newborn clothes.

You grunt so much and it makes us laugh. You fall asleep with your mouth wide open and your dad loves to smell your baby breath. Yep, that’s your dad. He sings to you all day long. You probably think you are living in a musical, but it soothes you (most of the time) and you fall fast asleep.

It doesn’t seem like you’re a big fan of bath time, yet. You’ve screamed through every bath, except one, but as soon as you’re out and dry, you’re happy as a clam.

Our favorite cry is the lip quiver cry, and boy do you have a good set of lungs! You love to be held, which means someone is always snuggling you to sleep or you’re wrapped up tight in the Solly Baby. You went on your first dinner outing so mama could eat all of the foods she couldn’t eat while pregnant with you, and you slept soundly throughout the entire meal.

You love being on your tummy and lifting your head up. You’ve got great neck muscles and head control. We love all of the faces you make, especially your smiles. They melt our hearts.

We’ve had quite a bit of snow in this first month of your life, but you and I haven’t been outside very much. We’re very jealous of the 80-degree weather in Arizona and wish we could go on walks and enjoy the outdoors.

We’re exhausted, but so in love. Our lives are forever changed in the best possible way. We love you, M!