I miss Moose

I have to wake up in five hours for our flight to Portland, but here I am sitting in the office waiting for my nails to finish drying. You know, because I can’t possibly go on a trip without having a fresh mani/pedi. God no, those cuticles better be cut and that polish better be shiny.

Yes, I do this before EVERY trip. And I always manage to find 342 other things that need my IMMEDIATE attention before I actually get to doing it, so it gets pushed into the wee hours of the morning. So here I sit as Brandon is sound asleep. ZzzZzz.

Anyway. The apartment is so quiet without Moose here. There’s no random jingling of his collar, or bursts of what sounds like a small stampede running up and down the stairs. I still randomly yell his name and get sad when I don’t hear him.

I feel like a terrible mother every time I have to board him at the animal hospital. It’s the worst feeling. He lets me know, too, by doing his business (#2, people) right smack dab in the lobby while I am checking him in. So this time around, I asked Brandon to drop him off so he could be the bad cop for once.

“Did he poop in the lobby when you took him in?”



I still love you, Moose, and your little ears.

He is really happy he got to see the eternal flame at Chestnut Ridge Park when we went hiking over the weekend. Guys, when I googled “eternal flame chestnut ridge park” to grab that link, the first result that showed up was a geocities URL. No joke, I don’t make this stuff up.

I love hiking because you never know what you’ll find on the trail. Like this message below.

And the gaggle of arrows and signs that point you somewhere, but you’re not sure where. . . and half the time you end up going the wrong way. No? Just us? Ok, we’re novice outdoorspeople.

Aww, someone left us a sweet little love note.

Behind this log was a pair of men’s underwear someone must have dropped on accident. They were white, in case they were yours.

Moose has a picture face, just like his dad. Miss you little buddy. We’ll be home soon!