Happy Father’s Day

In honor of Brandon’s first Father’s Day, I thought doing a little interview would be fun. I may or may not have cried while typing out his responses.


What does being a father mean to you?

It means the opportunity to raise another human being to be kind and loving to other human beings, and contribute to society; the opportunity to shape a life from the beginning.

What did you imagine being a father would be like?

I thought it would just be having a mini version of me. And then she turned out to be a girl, that is still a mini version of me.

What is the best thing about being a dad?

Oh, easy, having someone adore me as much as she does.

Describe the feeling that you get when she smiles at you.

My whole body goes warm and tingly, and like, I lose track completely of everything stressful that has happened throughout the day.

Describe the feeling that you get when she’s screaming at you. And crying?

When she’s screaming, I get this feeling of helplessness and paralysis. The crying I don’t mind. The screaming I mind a lot.

Are you a doting dad?

Oh, I am the most doting dad. Have you met my beautiful baby? I even show my patients her pictures.

What has been your most favorite memory of fatherhood so far?

The minute she was born, when I turned her pink from blue by scratching her with my beard. I felt like that was the first time I intervened in her life… to help.

Is being a father what you dreamed it would be?

It’s better. I guess I always imagined being a dad, this passive thing, that you just have a baby and then boom, they’re a child next. I didn’t realize that it consumes your entire being and completely changes my priorities in a more selfless way.

What do you hope to teach Matilde?

I hope to teach her to respect other human beings and living things and show the world her most true self; to love her parents; and to contribute to society in the best way she knows how. And to play beautiful music. And to dance like me. And not to worry about poop.

What advice or words of wisdom would you pass on to new fathers?

Enjoy your sleep now. Make sure that you fully appreciate all that the mother does. Savor each moment with your child because there’s only that moment.

Happy Father’s Day, Brandon. This baby absolutely adores you and thinks you’re the greatest person ever, after me. But that’s only because I feed her. You make her smile, giggle, and drool like no other. We love you so much. I couldn’t imagine doing this life with anyone else.