Four Months With Matilde

I think four months is my favorite age yet. I know parents say this with each new milestone/year, but four months has been really fun now that she definitely recognizes Brandon & I as her people and interacts with us.


Matilde is a really happy baby. She only really cries when she’s hungry, wet, overly tired, or bored, as most babies do. What we’ve noticed, however, is that she only shows her happiness at home. In public, she just stares at people and our usual go-to tricks to get her to laugh and smile fail every time. She saves those heart-melting smiles and giggles for us, and I guess I’m okay with that!

So, let’s see what happened in the past month.

You had your first Easter celebration with the wonderful Nalewajek family. We got to introduce you for the first time to some of the kindest, most generous people we have the pleasure of knowing and enjoyed a delicious brunch. The girls even got you your first Easter basket, filled with the cutest goodies.


We took you to Climber’s Rock for your first Canadian climbing adventure with Uncle Russ. The four of us climbed (well, you just watched and slept) for the first time in many many months. Mommy struggled quite a bit, but it felt good to engage in physical activity again. Then we took you to Pomelo for dinner.

Grandma and Grandpa came to visit for daddy’s birthday weekend. They offered to watch you while mommy and daddy went to dinner to celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary — thank you! We had other plans for the weekend, but our ongoing car troubles forced us to stay here in the U.S. instead.


The weather has been so much nicer since you were born, so we’ve made it a point to get out and go on walks down Elmwood and around Hoyt Lake. We also took you on a walk through Stiglmeier Park with Uncle J2, and a hike with the med-peds family to the Eternal Flame.

We transitioned you from a swaddle to the Merlin’s Magic Sleep Suit and you’ve been sleeping like a champ! Your longest stretch has been 6 hours.


You’re babbling so much now. Your favorite songs are the Ghostbusters theme song and Uptown Funk. You’ll smile (at home) for days. You’re sitting up on your own, but not rolling yet. You chew on your hands all day long.

You had your four month checkup yesterday and you now weigh 13 lbs, 10.5 oz. You also got your next round of shots. You cried, but then we went to have margaritas to celebrate Cinco de Mayo and you were fine.

Oh, and we closed on our home in Flagstaff. 53 more days until we move!


Love you, sweet girl.

P.S., one, two, and three months of Mattie.

Onesie and bloomers by BabyGap, headband by Little Crane Headbands