Five Months With Matilde

How are you already five months old, sweet girl?

matilde mei 5 months 6-4-15-2325w

This month, we celebrated my first Mother’s Day together by having some very special photos taken of you and our family. We pushed you to your limits, skipped a nap, and over stimulated you for two hours straight. You toughed it out and we ended the evening enjoying Thai food, one of mommy’s favorites.

May was a tough month for your daddy. He worked very long hours every day and only got to see you for a few minutes each night before bedtime. We went on walks as much as we could. You still love to ride in the Ergo and observe the world around you.

You’ve got some wild hair. See below. But at least you have hair.

matilde mei 5 months 6-4-15-2307w

You were sleeping through the night for a couple of weeks (that was awesome), but recently you’ve been waking up a few times a night to nurse, but I think it’s because you’re teething. Poor baby. But no sign of a tooth yet.

matilde mei 5 months 6-4-15-2312w

You have SO many faces and can go from dead serious to a giggle monster in just seconds. That giggle can also turn into a blood curling scream in just seconds. It definitely keeps us on our toes. But you’re a really good baby.


You’re sitting up on your own now like a big girl. It’s so neat to watch you balance yourself. You’re also consistently able to roll over once you face plant.

matilde mei 5 months 6-4-15-2368w

Mama and daddy went on their first real date since you were born today. We went to see The Book of Mormon, a musical that we’ve been trying to catch for years now, but it was always sold out. Your daddy surprised me with tickets and arranged for Auntie Tessa to hang with you for the evening.

matilde mei 5 months 6-4-15-2311w

Well baby, this is our last month in Buffalo. We’re starting to pack up all of our things to head back west and start our new lives in Flagstaff! We’ve been talking about all of the things we want to do with you once we’re there — hope you’re ready!

P.S., one, two, three, and four months of Mattie.