Eight Months with Matilde

This update is a few days late since we spent the 4th of the month en route to California to watch my mom run in her third half marathon at Disneyland!

Each month keeps getting better and better. It’s so fun to watch this tiny human grow.


A lot of major milestones happened over the past four weeks. It has officially been a little over a month since we started “sleep training” Tilly. I was so nervous about doing this in the days leading up, but it turns out she sleeps just fine without us (actually, even better!). At first I was a little sad that I didn’t have a tiny person to stare at or play with at night, but now Brandon and I actually get to see each other for a few minutes in the evenings, I don’t have to tip toe around my room anymore, and we have a well-rested and happy baby.


Tilly made her first trip to California (the first of 3 trips this month) early in the month to celebrate my cousin’s engagement and to visit with our family, who hadn’t seen her since she was nine weeks old. We tried to take her swimming again, but she wasn’t a fan — again.

We stopped by REI and purchased real hiking gear and started to explore some of our local hikes around the area. We went through NAU, Buffalo Park, and Picture Canyon within a week. Tilly hangs out in the Osprey pack on Brandon’s back. She loves loves loves being outdoors.

She visited her first beach in Santa Barbara while visiting her grandparents, and yep, you guessed it — hated the water again. She was perfectly content sitting in her little camping chair under the tree in the shade.

She made her first visit to Disneyland to watch her Poh Poh (my mom) and 10 other family members run the 1/2 marathon. It was really hot, but she did great and we enjoyed lunch in Downtown Disney with the crew.


Tilly has two teeth that finally cut through last week! They are razor sharp, but oh-so-cute. She has been a bit more whiney than usual (which is none) and I suspect that this is why. She also crawled for the first time in California. We knew that was coming because she has been scooting backwards and rolling everywhere else. Uh oh, the fun is just about to begin …

We have also introduced her to some new foods: rice, steamed pork buns, brisket, bread, and more random pureed stuff. Her hair is still wacky as ever, and gets really curly when it’s humid out. I’m just glad she has hair :)