Braden & Keegan at Arizona Snowbowl – Flagstaff Family Photography

Fall in northern Arizona is pretty magical. The leaves change colors and blanket the city with rich autumn colors. Add the glimmering sun rays and the fresh, crisp air, and you’ve got yourself a perfect couple of weeks here in Flagstaff.

Jenn brought her twin boys, Braden and Keegan, up north for a surprise day trip. We had originally planned on a family portrait session, but Jenn’s husband, Todd, wasn’t feeling well that day and sadly wasn’t able to join us this time. (We missed you, Todd!) We headed up to Arizona Snowbowl in search of the aspens and a scenic backdrop, but we left with much more. It was a wonderful day spent collecting pinecones, chasing squirrels, throwing leaves at mama, and giving lots of hugs and kisses. The boys have such sweet, adventurous spirits and I hope they carry it with them always.

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