A Letter to Buffalo on Our First Anniversary

Dear Buffalo,

One year ago today, we moved to your city. I admit, I was nervous at first. But to my surprise, we have enjoyed our time here so far. You kept the cold to a minimum and gifted me with a summer that made me want to stay outside for more than five minutes.

You’ve shown me that we can survive as a one-car family. You gave me Wegman’s!

I’ve eaten more chicken fingers and chicken wings in the last year than I have in my entire life. Oh, and poutine. Yum. I’m guessing that also means that I’ve put on a few pounds, but we’re still fact checking. I’ve seen Niagara Falls from every angle you could possibly imagine. You made it possible for me to go on my first trip to Toronto.

I found the coolest job in a city that I thought I’d be unemployed in. I’ve been able to work on medical-related website projects that keep me tied to my hospital background. And that’s awesome.

Buffalo, your airport rules. And you L-O-V-E festivals. But maybe I have more interest in attending festivals in Buffalo vs. Phoenix because it’s not a million degrees out.

You do have a few quirks — like when you see a VW beetle, you say “punch bug”, not “slug bug”, or the fact that your stoplights are located over your head instead of in front of you … and the lack of good Mexican food available — but, I can look past all that for now.

It’s a bummer you ended our first year with a shooting in a hospital that my husband works at. It’s a little Grey’s Anatomy-esque. Fortunately, he happens to be working nights this month and was safe and sound at home sleeping. To our friends that were in the hospital at the time, we’re glad everyone is okay.

In celebration of our first year, Fitz and the Tantrums are playing a free show tonight at the harbor. You’re all invited.

One year down, three to go.

Stay cool and K.I.T. over the summer.